10 Best ANC Earbuds & Headphones Deals

The Amazon great Indian festival is right around the corner and there are great deals on earbuds, smartphones and laptops for sure but there are also great deals on active noise cancellation headphones and I’ve picked out some aweosme awesome discounts for you so I picked 10 such products and I’ve ensured that they’re from reputable Brands so at least you’re sure of what you’re getting into of course the Amazon great Festival sale starts on the 8th goes on until the 15th and if you’re a Prime member then it starts early on the 7th now more importantly there are extra offers as well up to no cost Emi and maybe 10% extra off on certain bank cards as well so yeah with all of that in mind let’s get down to this list where I have the bestc headphones tws earbuds and there’s one neckband.

Sony wh1000 xm5

The very first headphone that I want to recommend is an active noise cancellation headphone that I use daily and yes I’m talking about the Sony wh1000 xm5 now the active noise cancellation capabilities of this is fantastic to begin with and it’s comfortable and has 14 hours battery life as well and you know what the sound signature if you tune it you will love it by the way I have a detailed review of these headphones if you haven’t watched it yet go check it out a link should pop up right now and

you know one thing I really like about the wh 1000 xm5 is also the call Quality this is something that is not generally good on Bluetooth headphones but on the Sony

it’s fantastic so the current cost is 29990 but during the sale the deal price would be 25999 so Direct Discount of about 4,000 rupes which is fantastic and of course there’ll be no cost Emi and you know Bank offers as well now directly.

Boat Airdones 141 ANC

from premium headphones to something more affordable the boat airdopes 141anc now these are truly wireless buds available currently for a price of around rupees 1599

but what’s good about this is that the actually works fairly well and you’ve got 35 DB of noise cancellation as well there’s 42 hours of playback along with the case of course it’s a base heavy sound no doubt and 50 Ms of low latency while gaming too

so yeah currently it’s priced at 1599 like I said but the deal price is going to be 200 rup less 1399 ANC for under 1,500 for 1,400 to be specific is fantastic it’s such a leveler and a democratization of tech now the next recommendation on my list is something that I’ve already checked.

JBL Tune 230NC

this is the JBL tune 230 NC by the way if you want to watch a detailed review of the tune 230 NC and the tune 130 NC which I’m going to be recommending later

this one’s got Google Fast pair four mics and a really good base heavy sound as well it’s very Punchy actually the JBL app is one of my favorites too you’ve got the talk through mode you’ve got the ambient aware mode so yeah the transparency mode has also been tuned really well plus you get 40 hours of battery life with the case

so the current price of the 230 NC last we checked was around rupees 5,490 but the deal price is going to be 3,799 that’s quite a discount if you ask me all right

Bose Quitecomfort 45

let’s get on to some more premium headphones and I have back to back recommendations of both headphones so the Bose quiet Comfort 45 is the best deal that I’ve seen anc headphones in a long  time now of course the Sony is a great product

but the Bose is also fantastic with its 24-hour battery life the Comfort on this is very good and thec levels you know it I know it
Bose’s ANC is class leading and of course you’ve got the iconic Bose sound as well which is generally clear very detailed very rich so yeah these are currently retailing for 29,900 but you know what the deal price is going to be drum rolls please 6,499 another B product that’s also getting discounted is a new product

Bose Quitecomfort Earbuds 2

I’m really surprised it’s the quiet Comfort earbuds 2 and you know what I haven’t tested them out yet so I feel really bad

but apparently thec on these are mad good apparently I’ve spoken to a few friends from the industry and they’re saying that it’s unmatched it’s crazy good and it’s got 6 hours of battery life on the buds themselves it’s got a good and clean sound

it’s definitely worth considering especially at the deal price so right now if you buy one it’s 25,900 but from October 7th and October 8th it’s going to go down to 19,999 by the way don’t forget to put these uh headphones in your wish list so that you don’t forget that you to buy this during the sale

Bose Quitecomfort Earbude

not just the new quiet Comfort earbuds 2 even the older quiet Comfort earbuds is on sale and it is half the price of the current generation one so it’s definitely Great Value

because the ANC is still very good and the sound is fantastic it’s a boss product no doubt about it

now the current price when we checked it was 13,990 but the deal price is going down to 1,490 and at this price a bossc truly wiress earbuds is fantastic value trust me all right I have four more products to recommend of which two are from boat and two are from JBL.

Boat Nirvana 751 ANC

starting with the boats Nirvana 751 ANC and these are proper headphones and for that price

the kind of features it offers is crazy yeah so you get 33 DB of hybrid ANC but more importantly what boat promises is 65 hours of battery backup on a single charge with ANC off and 54 hours with ANC on that’s just crazy of course these are very bass heavy

but for somebody who loves base this would definitely be worth considering especially considering the fact that the deal price is already life yes it’s available for about 4,000 rupees right now on Amazon so you can pick it up if you want until now

Boat Rockerz 330ANC

well I finally have a neckband recommendation as well and it is the bolt rocker 330c weird name for a product but very good features
you got 30 mm drivers and dra optio tuned sound so the sound quality is actually not too bad and you get 24hour battery life ipx4 rating as well now why this is interesting is

because the deal price is already live and it’s just 1,600 bucks that’s actually very very affordable and something that most people can consider for sure all right like.

JBL Tune Buds

I said the last two are JBL recommendations starting with the JBL tune butts similar to the tune 230 NC

you’ve got talk through features you’ve got ambient noise aware as well and of course anc2 and there are four mics so great call Quality as well 48r of battery with the case Bluetooth 5.3 as well and a good clean sound too now

this is currently available for 5,999 but the deal price is going to be 4999.

JBL Tune 130NC

now finally I’m going to be recommending the JBL tune 13anc it’s the small assembling of the tune 230 NC and it’s not got the stem design it’s got the buds design and the

deal price is already live for these it’s 3,500 rup 3499 to be specific.

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