Best gaming laptop in amazon sale 2023

Laptop in amazon sale 2023

So we have reviewed many Best gaming laptop. Laptops for productivity, for photo and video editing, for watching videos, coding everything. You guys want us to cover more gaming laptops. And not only gamers, a lot of engineering student video editor also buy gaming laptops. So we have compiled a list of top five gaming laptops that are available right now at at discounts. And in this list we’ll also tell you must know things before buying a gaming laptop. So stick around till the end of the video to find out. Intel Gamer Days is going on Amazon sale 2023 and Flipkart sale 2023 and you are getting good sale offers. The sale will be up and you will get discounts on most gaming laptops from Dell, Lenovo, HP, etc.

Minimum Requirements

We’ll tell you all the offers and everything and we’ll only be talking about laptops that we have personally used for a couple of weeks, two months. And before we get to the laptop, one very important thing to notice. Number one, we’ll only be talking about laptops with RTX 3050 and beyond. So the minimum budget for these laptops is around Rs60,000 because¬† technically you can still game on a cheaper laptop with say, a GTX 1650. But that is a very old GPU. It came out way back in 2019. Similarly, we’ll be only talking about the latest Intel Twelve and 13th gen laptops since they are new, better and pretty much cost the same as previous generation. In fact, intel 13th Gen has support for the latest DDR five Ram plus 11% extra single thread performance and 49% extra multithreaded performance. Now, let’s get with the laptop deals. We’ll be starting from Flipkart deals first and then get to amazon sale 2023.

Acer Aspire 7

Okay, so the first one that we have is the Acer Aspire 7. So if you see here on Flipkart, the laptop generally sells for around Rs62,000, but during the sales you can pick it up for around Rs59,000. Now, you also get other various offers like 4000 Instant HDFC bank discount or six month no cost EMI or extra 5000 off if you exchange your older laptops. Now, we are not including those offers in the discounted price of the laptop. Of course, if you can get those offers, it will bring the price further down. So the Arspire Seven comes with an I 512 gen H processor like you see here on Flipkart. It says I 512 450 H in the end. So Intel Twelve or 13 Gen for example, have three letters up and H. H is the higher performance one. Now there is also HX series, but those are very expensive and rare. So just leave them out to avoid confusion. Plus, this newer Intel twelveTH and 13th gen CPUs are different from previous generation because they introduce two types of cores. You have the P or Performance Core for heavy tasks like gaming, video editing and all of that. And E for efficiency cores, which is more for low power tasks like when you’re writing documents or just simply listening to music. And this is a good addition because there is no need to run the entire CPU for doing small tasks.

This helps reduce power consumption and increases the battery life. Plus the acer Aspire 7 comes with 8GB. DDR4 Ram. Now, the Ram slot is user upgradable. You can expand up to 32 GB Ram, but I would recommend getting an extra 8GB Ram because most of the games these days demand 16 GB. Besides this, you also get a 4GB GTX 3050. Like, these are the minimum specs for any decent gaming laptop in 2023. Now, we have already done a dedicated video on this laptop. You can check it out from over here, but in short, the gaming performance for the price is pretty good. Since this is an RTX graphic card, you get DLSS.

So in games like Control and all, you can easily get more than 60 FPS at 1080p. Besides this, you also get a 15.6 inch antiglare display and the display has nice viewing angles. So overall, if you want a gaming laptop and you have a strict budget of under Rs60,000, then you can look into the Acer Aspire 7.

Lenovo LOQ

And next we have the new series from Lenovo, the Lenovo LOQ. This series starts from around Rs75,000, but if your budget permits, you could consider the variant that we have. This has the latest I7 13th Gen Edge series processor, 16 GB of DDR5 Ram, along with the new RTX 4060 graphics card. And this sells for around 1.15 lakh rupees. And there are three really cool things with this laptop. Number one is performance. Like, we have been using the laptop for quite some time now and any game we throw at it, this can handle it pretty well. So here we have cyberpunk 2077 on 2K resolution with everything set to ultra max settings, even enabled ray tracing. And you are getting around 67 FPS for a storytelling game. This is pretty good. Second is the display. This is the only laptop in this list that has a 165 Hz refresh rate. So if you’re even browsing the web or simply using Windows, everything feels fluid and snappy. Plus there is this intelligent switching, not just talking about muck switch that is there, but see here, now the laptop is plugged into the charger. The display is running at 165 Hz. Now, as soon as I switch to battery mode, see, it switches to 60 Hz. This saves battery life. Which brings me to the third point and that is battery. Now of course, this is a gaming laptop, so battery life is average. But this charges very fast. Like it comes with a 175 watt power brick and it can charge it back to 100% in just 30 40 minutes. So that’s fast. So overall, if you have the budget, then this LOQ series is a really good choice.

Dell G15

Next up is the Dell G15. This sells for around Rs67,000, and this too has an I5 12th gen edge processor along with a four GB RTX 3050 graphics card. But now you’d be like pretty, more money, same specs. Well, that is not true because the Dell G15 has a higher TGP or total graphics power. To put into simple words, consider a car which has different variants and the higher you go you’ll get more engine power. But in cars they actually name the variants different, like base grand sports. In GPUs you have to do the hard work. See here on Amazon sale 2023. The Dell G15 is listed 90 watt 3050 graphics card. Meaning the graphics card of the Dell G 15 can deliver more performance than a normal 30 50 laptop. More wattage is equal to more FPS. And one thing to add is while TGP is a major thing when it comes to gaming laptop, it is not everything because then there is also cooling, optimization and all of that. But in simple words, in same games with the same settings, the Dell G 15 will give better FPS than a normal 3050 laptop.

By the way, with all these 12th gen and 13th gen laptops in this sale, you also get two free games assassin’s Creed, Mirage and Night Angle. You can know more about them from the link in the description. Now. Apart from the GPU, the Dell G 15 also has faster DDR, five Ram. Now, the base model starts from 8GB DDR5, but most modern games recommend 16 GB Ram. So if the budget permits, you can consider the 16GB variant that cost you around Rs72,000, or even the Ram is user upgradable. So later on you can upgrade to 16 GB Ram. Now, most graphic designers and video editors also buy a gaming laptop, but practically you don’t need like gaming laptop for editing power.

ASUS Vivobook 15 OLED

ASUS Vivobook 15 OLED

So I would say you can consider the ASUS Vivobook 15 OLED for Creators. It sells for around 85 to Rs87,000. And I’ll recommend this laptop for three primary reasons. Number one, it comes with a type C Thunderbolt port, so it can charge via any type CPD charger. You won’t have to carry those bulky chargers with you everywhere that usually come with gaming laptop. Number two is the display. The Vivo Book pro here has an OLED screen which is pantone validated 100% DCIP. Three, in simple words, it is more color accurate compared to a normal gaming laptop display. So if you are color grading on it, the colors will appear more accurate. Number three is battery life. Generally, gaming laptops have like three to 4 hours of battery life.

But the Vivo Book gets you around 7 to 8 hours, which is good if you’re always on the go rest, you get an Intel Core I5 12450H processor which has a total of eight cores, four performance cores and four efficiency cores. That being said, the only thing is you get an RTX 3050 that has a 30 watt TGP. But it is fine if your primary needs is video editing and graphics design. And you can also occasionally play games like GTA5, Valorant, that all will do well.

MSI Sword 15

MSI Sword 15

Next up, we have the MSI Sword 15. This usually sells for around 1.15 lakh rupees, but during sales it comes down to as low as Rs97,000. This comes with an I 712 gen H series CPU along with the latest RTX 4050 graphics card, and it has a TGP of 105 watt. Now, the biggest advantage of this laptop is that it supports the latest DLSS 30, which is exclusive to the 4000 series of Nvidia graphics card. So in games like Cyberpunk, you get the additional option called Frame Generation. This basically uses AI to give higher FPS. In simple terms, you can play almost all modern AAA titles in 1080p on Ultra settings with more than 60 FPS. Besides this, you also get 16 GB DDR, five Ram along with one TB of NVMe storage. So video editing and all that should be a breeze. Overall, if you have a budget of under one lakh rupees and you’re looking for a complete package of gaming and video editing, the MSI Sword 15 is an option that you can consider. So yeah, that was our pick for the top five intel based gaming laptops out there.

Now, we may have missed out on some laptops that we have not personally used, so if you think we can recommend some laptop, write a short review of your usage in the comments below and we’ll hear the good ones. We’ll give a heart so everyone in the community can benefit from that comment and follow techwibes.

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