Best Thin & Light evo Laptops Under Rs 60,000 in Flipkart’s The Big Billion Days Deals

if you’re a student or a working professional the experience of using a thin and light laptop is unparalleled I should know I cannot live without one these laptops are definitely easy to carry around but they have enough and more grunt for everyday tasks whether you’re writing documents for basic video editing for photo editing and even for some casual gaming on the go and if you’re planning on buying one of these thin and light laptop machines with the int Evo badge of honor are your best.

Evo certified Laptops Under Rs 60,000

what is this Intel Evo you ask well I’ll explain and while I’m at it I should also recommend the best Intel Evo laptops available for under Rs 60,000 in flipkart’s big billion Day sales and also recommend a couple of twoin one Creator level machines while I’m at it now like I said these laptops are available in flipkart’s big billion days sale that starts on October 8th and goes on until October 15th and if you’re a plus member then it starts a day early on October 7th.

What is EVO certification

Now if any laptop has the Intel Evo certification then it assures buyers that brands are following certain high standards set by Intel so every laptop will definitely be thin and light and some may even come with a twoin one form factor but that’s not it apart from this an Intel Evo laptop needs to have these check boxes ticked more or less firstly it should be able to wake up from sleep in less than 1 second it have a fingerprint sensor face recognition or Bluetooth phone proximity recognition but more importantly it should have 11th 12th or 13th gen core II core i7 core I9 processor with Intel Iris XE Graphics certain laptops could also come with an optional Intel Arc or a discreete GPU as well they should have a full HD display Precision Track pads and a backlit keyboard too also the user should be guaranteed 9.5 hours of minimum battery life and USB type-c fast charging as well they should support Wi-Fi 6E but more importantly they should also support Intel’s connectivity performance suit 2.0 now if this is ensured most of these laptops can do intelligent Wi-Fi connection management they should have at least one USB type-c port which support for Thunderbolt 4 and finally premium High Fidelity audio coded SL speakers and microphone tuning as well but one thing’s optional these laptops could have a user facing 1080p 30 FPS webcam some of them have 720p webcams by the way fun fact that new Intel Unison app that lets you connect your iPhone or Android phone seamlessly to a Windows laptop and lets you actually take calls send messages get notifications and even transfer files or photo is available only for Intel Evo machines starting from 12th Che so now that we have Clarity on Intel Evo laptops let’s get down to our carefully curated list of the best Intel Evo machines that are available during flip cart’s big million days sale so almost all of the laptops that I’m recommending in this list are available for under rupes 60,000 they have no cost Emi options and they have extra product exchange discount values as well and of course like I said there are a couple of two-in-one laptops that are above 60,000 but they’re definitely worth your consideration now no that’s there are some terms and conditions that apply and the prices may vary slightly but they should be around this Ballpark and the prices that I’m seeing are so tempting that I am actually planning on buying one no kidding really.

Asus Vivobook S14 OLED

so let’s get started with my favorite laptop in this list the Asus Vivobook S14 OLED

now this machine has a core i5 12500 H1 12th gen chip which is clocked at 2.5 GHz so it has four performance cores and eight efficiency cores with a max turbo frequency of 4.5 GHz now if you’re not aware the Ed in the nomenclature actually indicates that this is a high performance CPU for laptops it also comes with Intel’s Iris XE Graphics 16 GB of lpddr 4X RAM and 512 GB of nvme SSD storage and out of the box you get Windows 11 home pre-installed and most of the machines in this list do offer Windows 11 as well and by now you’re all aware of all the cool features that are available in Windows 11 11 you’ve got widgets you’ve got snap layouts you’ve got a redesigned Settings app you’ve got multiple desktops and more importantly a better App Store as well anyway coming back to the s148 the main reason why I like this laptop is that display it’s a 14in 2. 8K resolution OLED display with 90 HZ of refresh rate you’ve got 600 nits of Fe brightness and HDR support as well and to round the multimedia experience you get har and card and speakers too you got a 720p webcam with a privacy shutter backlit keyboard and a 70w battery as well and like I mentioned you need to have support for Thunderbolt 4 so you were two Thunderbolt 4 ports one uh type a USB port one HDMI 2.1 port and a 3.5m combo audio jack as well and all of this is packaged in a light 1.5 kg form factor.

so the Vivo book S4 OLED is going to be available for about 55,000 rupees during flip cart’s big billion day sale with 6 months of no cost Emi and if you have a laptop for exchange you can get up to 19,000 off as well and come to think of it if you’re a coder this laptop would be perfect for you.

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro

my next recommendation is the lightest laptop in this list it’s a Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro and it weighs under 1 kg at 0.87 kg

this machine has a core i5 1240p processor cloged at 1.7 GHz and with a max turbo clock frequency of 4.4 GHz it’s got int Iris XC Graphics 16 GB of lpddr5 RAM and 512gb nvme SSD storage as well you get Windows 11 of course but you also get a 13.3 in full HD AMOLED display but but more importantly you get AKG tuned speakers with support for Dolby Atmos as well there’s a backlit keyboard and a 1080p full HD webcam as well but most importantly it’s got a 63 WTH battery considering its size and weight that’s very very good as for the port situation you’ve got your Thunderbolt Port you’ve got two USB typ-c ports you’ve got a HDMI port you’ve got a headphone jack got a memory card slot as well

and all of this for under rupe 57,000 during flipkart’s big billion Day Sale same six- Monon no cost Emi and 19k off on product exchange.

Acer Swift 3

another thing light laptop that is definitely worth considering and more affordable compared to the Samsung and Asus options that I’ve mentioned till now is the Acer Swift 3

this one also has an Intel Core i5 125h processor clocked at 2.5 GHz with four performance sces and eight efficiency course and like I mentioned the max turbo frequency is 4.5 GHz it’s got int lxc Graphics 16 GB of lpddr5 RAM 500gb nvme SSD storage as well now this one also has a 14-in 2.8k OLED display with a peak brightness of 400 nits which is not as good as the Asus but it’s still there you’ve got stereo speakers 1080p full HD webcam and a backlit keyboard as well which is standard the battery on this is smaller at 57 W and it weighs about 1.4 kg and like I mentioned all of the requisite ports are also here as well.

so the Asus Swift 3 is going to be available under 52,000 rupees with the same no cost Emi offers and product exchange offers

Lenovo Yoga Slim 6

Lenovo Yoga Slim six

as well now my final Intel Evo laptop recommendation under 60,000 before I move on to the two in one category is the Lenovo Yoga Slim six what I’ve noticed with lenov machines is that they’re generally very good very powerful and I’ve noticed that many people do get good service as well in India and they’re very popular too and again these are perfect for regular office course and sometimes even students.

now this one’s got a core i5 12540 B 12 Gen processor clocked at 1.7 GHz it’s again four performance cores and eight efficiency cores and you know all the laptops I recommended in this list have Intel harx Graphics 16 GB of RAM and 500 GB of SSD as well of course as Windows 11 a 14-in 2.2k i PS display it’s not an OLED display and the peak brightness is 300 nits but you do get support for Dolby Vision there stereo speakers 30p full HD webcam a backlit keyboard Staples are all present it’s got a 65w battery two type-c Thunderbolt four ports One USB gen 3.2 Port one HDMI port and of course a combo audio jack as well a 3.5m Jack now this laptop what I like about it is that it’s even lighter than both the Asos and the aser options at 1.35 kg

now the price for the yoga slim 6 would be under 57,000 rupees during flipkart’s big billion days sale.

convertible two in one category

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Hp envy x 360

now moving on to the convertible two in one category the first laptop that I want to recommend is the Hp envy x 360 it has a flexible 360° hinge which means that the display can actually turn around completely it’s got stylus support as well so if you’re somebody who’s a graphic designer imagine just turning that into a tablet and then using the stylist to actually you know take your notes or you know make your drawings as well.

now this machine has a core i5 1230 U processor it’s got 10 cores and 12 threats and with Intel sto boost technology you can go up to 4.4 GH this is not the most powerful processor in the list but this is good enough for the Creator machine and again Intel I XT Graphics 16 GB of lpddr 4X RAM and 512 GB nvme ssds well so this one has a 13.3 in display it’s a 1920x 1280 display and it’s got a touchscreen support as well of course and their support for HP rechargeable active pen for creators what I do also like is that you’ve got bang and olivon speakers and a 5mp camera for the webcam of course there’s backlit key keyboard two Thunderbolt 4 ports two USB type A ports and a combo audio jack now this laptop weighs about 1.32 kg and it has a 66.5 w battery

so yeah so if you’re a Creator if you’re a graphic artist or you know somebody who loves to draw or even take notes with the stylist and stuff then this laptop would be perfect for you so the HP envy x360 is available for 72,900 during the sales by the way I’m curious how many of you actually use this twoin one form factor in your daily life and how do you use it do you actually find it useful I’d love to know let me know in the comments below.

Asus Zenbook 14 flip

The final recommendation in this list andyet another two-in-one laptop is the actually named Asus Zenbook 14 flip

this one is a beast in terms of specs it’s got the most powerful Intel Core i5 12700h chip on this list it’s clocked at 2.3 GHz but it can go to a max turbo of 4.7 GHz there are six performance course and eight efficiency course that’s 14 cores in total of course it comes with Intel IRx0 Graphics there’s no dedicated GPU but you’ve got a 16 GB of LPD DDR 5 Ram 512gb of nvme storage as well but this laptop is again a display Beast 14 in 16 is to 10 aspect ratio 2.8k OLED display 5 of big brightness Pantone validated HDR certification Asus is really doing a good job in terms of specs for value and unlike the other Asus laptop in this list it’s a touchscreen display with stylus support and up to 4096 pressure levels as well you’ve got fingerprint login you’ve got Asus number Pad 2. 0 and a backlit keyboard as well the only thing is it’s a 720P HD webcam it’s not a full HD one but you’ve got a privacy shutter and it has a 63w battery as well and all of this within the light package of 1.4 kg this one’s really really interesting

now this machine will be available for Discount under R 79,000 it’s of course the most expensive one in this list but also the most powerful one with the most number of features as well so yeah the price is Justified and of course you’ve got 6 months of no cost DMI and 25,000 off on product exchange.

so I’m sure this list must have been helpful for you to make a purchase decision if you’re in the market for a thin light machine and honestly these are some of the best prices that I’ve seen on Intel Evo machines in a long time and that’s available during flipkart’s big billion Day Sale.

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