Apple iMac 2024 Review – M3 vs M2 Performance Comparison

Apple iMac review
The new 24 inch iMac with M3 is here. But the sad news is that if you’re waiting for a 27 inch iMac, then Apple has confirmed that that’s really not happening. Also, if you’re waiting for an imac with the M3 Pro or the M3 max, that’s not happening either. You’ll have to wait ...
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7 useful hidden Windows feature that will make your life easier

hidden Windows feature
Alright, so if you’re like me and you use a Windows computer, then this article is for you. Because Windows keeps getting better and better. I mean it now looks much cleaner. And with every major update, Windows has silently introduced new hidden features. Now there are simpler ones like if you don’t save your ...
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Wings Nuvobook- The cheapest i7 laptop for students

cheapest i7 laptop for students
Okay, so see here we are browsing on Flipkart and we saw this i7 laptop for around 41,000. Like what? And it’s a new company called Wings , they launced their Wings Nuvobook series. They usually make TWS, but they are now entering the laptop market. So we test it out. Like their base varient ...
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Best Thin & Light evo Laptops Under Rs 60,000 in Flipkart’s The Big Billion Days Deals

Best Thin & Light evo certified Laptops Under Rs 60,000
if you’re a student or a working professional the experience of using a thin and light laptop is unparalleled I should know I cannot live without one these laptops are definitely easy to carry around but they have enough and more grunt for everyday tasks whether you’re writing documents for basic video editing for photo ...
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Best gaming laptop in amazon sale 2023

laptop in amazon sale 2023
Laptop in amazon sale 2023 So we have reviewed many Best gaming laptop. Laptops for productivity, for photo and video editing, for watching videos, coding everything. You guys want us to cover more gaming laptops. And not only gamers, a lot of engineering student video editor also buy gaming laptops. So we have compiled a ...
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