How to change 2D images to 3D images for FREE

In this article i will show you how to change 2d images into 3d images for free with the help of AI. Let’s start,

Step 1- Open stylar AI

Open stylar AI and log in with your email.
Open stylar AI

Step 2- select Project

Then click on new project.
You can choose canvas from here.
choose canvas

Step 3- upload image

Then click on import, select files and insert it to canvas.
upload images

Step 4- Adjust images

Click on little eye icons to turn off. For now it choose the background image and adjust accordingly.
Unhide other images and adjust accordingly.
Right click and duplicate the image.
Adjust the position accordingly. Then a click on compose and click on this little icon.

Step 5- Create prompt

It will create a prompt for this image. Here is the prompt.
Let’s go with realistic style and click on compose button .
compose image

Step 6- Result

It will take few seconds to generate and here is the result.
Really interesting.

Step 7- Change image

Let’s go back and make changes on image.
change image
Click on auto prompt icon. It will create you a new prompt. Here is the result. This one is very realistic.

Step 8- Change style

I will take this one and you also can change the style anytime you want.

change style
Let’s choose this style and here is the result.
And I will also choose this one.

Download Image

Click on place on canvas to save images while your image is selected
download image result
.Right click and choose save as image. It will be saved on your computer.
Now let’s try another image. Scale it to adjust on screen.

Click on compose and create a new prompt for this image.

Click and wait for the result. Change it to a realistic style and generate again.
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