which is Best Normal phone vs Folding phone In India?

Okay, so whenever we cover a folding phones, there is always this huge question should I buy S23 or should I buy ZFlip Five? , Should I buy S 23 Ultra or Z Fold Five? Should I buy this, should I buy that? You get the point. A foldable in India is considered as the Ultra flagship. So obviously, should you buy a normal flagship or a folding phone? Think about it. Or save that money and international mutual funds, international trip as well. Well, to answer that question, I’m been using the Zfold Five for about 60 days now. And this fold has seen it all. It has been on the rapido ride, it has been in the running shorts. I have dropped it. So what I’ve understood so far is the folding phone is a super phone, and it might be the phone for the right person. Let me explain.

Normal flagship smartphones

First of all, you get normal flagship smartphones like S23 Ultra, S23, Xiaomi 13 Ultra, even the iPhone 15 Pro Max. And it was kind of disappointing this year to see no rumors or teases about Apple fold. Like, Apple might make an iPhone flip, but nothing in the event. Guess what the price of the iPhone foldable will be like? I cannot still digest 1.6 lakh for iPhone 15 Pro Max. The Zfold Five comes under 1.5 lakh, which is like two phones in one.


Now, coming back to the Zfold Five, practically in real life, I saw three interesting things which separates a folding phone from a normal phone number, two different phones. I kind of started considering the inner display and the outer display like two different phones.

Outer cover display

outer Cover screen
Now, in case you don’t know, the outer Cover screen is a 6.2 inch 120 Hz AMOLED display.

Inner display

internal screen

The inner screen is a 7.6 inch huge 120 Hz AMOLED display. Now, both the displays are dynamic 2x AMOLED display. We won’t get too much into specs. This is more practical reasons. Now, in my case, I used this outer Cover screen like a phone for work mode.And this internal screen was more like entertainment tablet mode.

Like if you see here on the outer Cover screen, I have my to do apps, banking apps, Slack, WhatsApp.

But when I open the inner screen, it’s all BGMI, Netflix, Sonylive or the sketchbook app to draw.

YouTube shorts widget

youtube widget
And I can choose to have suppose this YouTube shorts widget on the inner screen. And if I close the fold, the widget doesn’t appear on the cover screen. And I have tried from Pixel fold to like every folding phone, no one gives you the option to have separate home screen on the cover screen and the inner display. And more than a software feature, it’s like you understand and consider these both screens as different phones. And I feel like this is the most underrated feature.

Folding phone-DND

You can go into routines and inside routines I can set up that if I open the fold, it directly goes to DND. So only some people can call or text me, see, DND off, and when I open it, DND on. So you’re getting my point. It’s like when you pick up your tablet to just chill, it doesn’t have a SIM card and people can’t call you on the tablet. And your personal and work life is so mixed in these smartphones, it’s very hard to separate them in a normal smartphone.Foldinf phone-

Folding phone-Fingerprint scanner

fingerprint scanner
Like again, when the fold is unfolded and if I touch the fingerprint scanner, the phone doesn’t unlock, I have to press it to unlock. But when I open the foldable and now I touch the fingerprint scanner, the phone unlocks. And I like this because I usually hold the fold five this way and the finger always touches the fingerprint scanner. So every setting here can be tweaked to work different when folded and when unfolded. This kind of replicates that two devices into one feeling, which is not possible on a normal smartphone.

Multimedia experience

And I can go on and on about software features, but let’s move to number two, which was kind of unexpected. Like you get this big screen and usually fold is a productivity device, but I enjoyed the inner screen like a tablet. The other day I was watching a very good movie alligard on this and it’s fun to see movies on the bigger screen. And let’s address the elephant in the room, the crease. See, it’s way reduced this year on the fold five, but if you use it in a dark room on a dark screen at an angle, it shows up. But normally most of the times you stop noticing it. One thing to mention is with the new OTT movies there is black bar on the top and the bottom.

Flex mode

flex mode
flex mode

At those times I just put the phone in flex mode and keep it on the bed and watch the movie. But then again, you cannot pinch the movie, zoom in and watch the crop is just too much. I loved the speakers on the fold five.
Like initially it seems quite less, but then you can go to Quick Settings and turn on Dolby Atmos sound, it fixes the loudness.


S23 ultra

And the bigger screen really comes into play when you multitask. Like hands down. The best device to multitask, like even the S23 Ultra. S23 can do split screen apps. But the other day I was writing a tweet and I had to read from an article. So if you do the same on the S23 Ultra see, I can barely read,

copy test in multitasking

but with Zfold five it’s like two phones stacked next to each other and I can just select text like this drag and drop into the other app.

Google Docs

And surprisingly, my most used apps was Google Docs in a lot of screenshots, like I had Chat GPT opened on one side and Google Docs on the right

Morning news
Like, I follow your Stories newsletter every morning for latest news, and I enjoyed reading newsletter on this bigger display. I used to do this on my laptop. Although I’m not saying the fold Five can replace a laptop. Of course not. A laptop is a laptop, but it very well fills the gap for a tablet somewhere between a phone and a laptop.

Also I had the s pen. And the S Pen doesn’t work on the cover screen, it only works on the inner display. And the S Pen has some really good support with sketching apps like Sketchbook. I drew these sketches on the Zfold Five. Now, the S pen case costs a whole RS8000. Way too expensive. So if you know you will use it, buy it along with the Zfold Five, you’ll get a very good discount.

Gaming experience

gaming experience

Now number three was gaming. Like, the good thing is, unlike videos, android Games adapt to the bigger screen quite well. So any game from BGMI to Call of Duty to E football all looks much better on a bigger screen.

Game in folding phone
It’s altogether a tablet like gaming experience. And this is the best since you get Samsung Dex on the Zfold Five. I can connect an HDMI cable to the phone and I can play the same games on a TV screen. I can open any Android app and like I open asphalt, I can even connect the controller. This becomes like a cool loop gaming setup without the console level gaming price. If you know, you know. And along with Samsung, the credit goes to Snapdragon agent Two. Like this processor in any smartphone flagship is making it so good. The Snapdragon processor for this year are so optimized and battery efficient.


Now, some small things which I felt the outer cover screen is taller. So if you compare to a normal smartphone initially, it might be a bit unusual to type on it, or text might look crammed up, but you get used to it in a week. Now, I find other phones like this S23 a bit wider, but yes, since this cover screen is slim and tall, every time I take a screenshot to post on Twitter, or just send it to people on WhatsApp, people are quick to notice that it is on a fold. Like, animations in one UI can be better. Like if I open and close an app, the animation is pretty good. But see, if I open a folder and I just go back to the home screen, it’s like it skips a frame.
And then again, with every folding phone, there’s that crowd attention. When you use a folding phone in public, everyone asks you about the phone and most people just say it’s a dual phone.

But now the million dollar question is should you buy a folding phone or a normal smartphone?

See, for people who are lot on the go, you need two devices in your life. A tablet and a normal smartphone. I would recommend try out the Zfold Five. But if you need a device for rough use, camera focused device, I would still say S23 Ultra is a better option. But Samsung has had such an unfair advantage in foldables like I want companies now to release folding phones in India.We need that competition.

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