Oneplus Open-The Best Phone of 2023 is Coming Soon

so the OnePlus open oneplus’s first foldable phone is right around the corner and it’s worth getting excited about because OnePlus has had a great 2023 thus far the OnePlus 11 was good the OnePlus 11R, the Oneplus nord CE3 the Oneplus Nord 3 all of these were actually good phones and if there’s one thing about OnePlus that we know is that the company actually¬† great Hardware with good software which is why if they’ve taken their time to make their first foldable considering the fact that Samsung already is in its fifth generation I am fairly certain that OnePlus is probably back the recipe for that perfect foldable phone anyway let’s unfold all the rumors and open all the mysteries about the OnePlus open foldable phone I promise you that’s the last time I’m going to make that pun no not really anyway bad jokes apart.

Design and the build quality

so when you talk about a folding phone the design and the build quality are the most crucial aspects of it so the quality of the hint should be such that that it shouldn’t hinder the opening and closing mechanisms the weight distribution the balance all of that should be absolutely perfect right the entire build and the construction should ideally be balanced with the durability as well

Opening and Closing cycles

which is why when Max Jambo leagued on Twitter that OnePlus open will be able to withstand 4 lakh opening and closing Cycles I was kind of happy that should at least mean that you know more than 6 seven years of regular usage without you having to worry about that mechanism breaking and immediately after that in August more accurate rent of the phone itself started coming out and by the time OnePlus had also teased the OnePlus open foldable name so yeah mostly it’s going to be called OnePlus open do you think it’ll be called anything else if you do let me know in the comments below’

clockwork on leak’s CAD renders came out and in those cat renders we could actually see the OnePlus open in more detail with rounded edges that circular camera housing

Hasselblad logo

and the Hasselblad logo being switched for just an hch also within that camera module itself we could ALS Al spot the liar or the top sensor maybe that’s also there on the OnePlus open

Periscope sensor

and more importantly that circular camera module has something what seems like a telephoto or a periscope sensor which definitely has the camera nerd in me super excited also the alert slider is present on the OnePlus open

Alert Slider

I’m sure that OnePlus will not let go of the alert slider on their most premium Flagship

Vegan leather

the other thing I noticed is that on the rear there was something like a fall leather finish so I’m hoping it’s a vegan leather back because I really like the texture of vegan leather itself so hopefully the OnePlus open comes in such a variant as well I mean glass BS also look good but vle leather has that extra premium touch and feel to it if you ask me and considering the fact that a lot of 2023 phones are coming with weer leather I like the trend also.

Anushka Sharma with Oneplus Open

I don’t know if this was something that happened coincidentally or a marketing campaign but Anushka Sharma was spotted using the OnePlus open inside her car and it was first time spotted on Vel Ban’s Instagram page so I’m sure that it’s not some AI generated Anushka Sharma also whatever little we could see of the the phone it looked very similar to The League trenders pretty exciting and a week or two after Anushka Sharma being spotted with the OnePlus open OnePlus did do an entire video with unbox therapy as well I mean with Lou on unbox therapy and they did showcase the phone but the camera module was sort of uh you know camouflaged regardless all of this gives us a fair idea of what the OnePlus open is going to look like so the hype cycle is out there by the way this is future aot speaking after we shot the initial video OnePlus has tweeted something out about the OnePlus open as well so that tweet actually says the best it’s yet to come so obviously if they’re making a foldable phone for the first time that’s what they’re going to think it is so let’s hope it’s good.there’s been another leak and the phone has been leaked in all its Glory we can see the design entirely and it’s been leaked on win future. de take a look at it tell me your thoughts as well of course it’s very similar to the earlier leaks and renders as well by the way what do you guys think of the design let me know in the comments below it does seem to be interesting.


Talking about the display specs the internal Hardware all of that the leaks and rumors are out there and I’m certain that OnePlus is not going to skimp out on any feature it’s their most premium Flagship after all in the on leaks and my smart price League what they mentioned is that the OnePlus open has an outer display of 6.3 in of course it’ll be an AMOLED panel and an inner display which is 7.6 in in size when unfolded 2K resolution 120 HZ refresh rate AMOLED again that’s all good be there also according to reports the OnePlus open will have Snapdragon agent2 16 GB Ram 256 GB storage as well the battery size was mentioned to be about 4,800 Mah with fast charging speeds up to 67 watt so I’m guessing super vuk is there and when you compare it to the current generation Samsung Galaxy Z fold 5 it’s definitely a larger battery size and faster charging speeds.

as well the article also noted along with the renders that there will be a side mounted fingerprint scanner considering the fact that indisplay fingerprint scanners have not become a reality on folding screens yet this makes a lot of sense.

Camera setup

now coming to the camera setup now this is the most exciting one and the leaks themselves are hyping the OnePlus open a lot so apparently that circular camera module will have a 48 MP primary camera lens 48 MP Ultra wide and a 64 MP telephoto Periscope shooter and considering that this could be the first time that we see a long Zoom range on a OnePlus phone this has been kind of excited and regarding the front camera apparently the outer display will have a 32m front camera and the inner one will have a 20 MP one so when you look at all the megapixels put together it’s just craziness five cameras starting at 20 MP going up till like 64 MP now while we don’t talk about camera performance until we actually test it but at least going by the specs and going by what OnePlus has to do with a premium flagship phone I’m guessing the camera performance will be better than the currently existing OnePlus 11 we’ll have to wait and watch.

OS and UI

now talking about the software according to leak specs the OnePlus open is expected to come with oxygen OS 13 based on Android 13 now this reminds me of the Android Central article where they mentioned that they working closely with Google. you know oxygen OS13 they’re collaborating closely with that company and in that article Gary Chen oneplus’s software lead had made suggestions of a OnePlus folding phone as well so yeah so oxygen OS 13 on OnePlus open seems like a reality and considering that they’re working closely with Google and Google has been you know tuning Android specifically for foldable devices as well all the foldable specific features like dogs multitasking split screen all of that should come to the OnePlus open.

Launch date

this is actually kind of exciting now talking about the launch dates and the rumored movement of launch dates and the pricing itself there are some interesting things happening over there as well so initially there were strong rumors that OnePlus is going to launch the OnePlus open on August 29th.

but then they shifted that and those rumors suggest that they had to shift that because they were depending on Boe for the internal display but apparently now they have moved to Samsung and considering Samsung has been making foldable screens for a while now this is actually kind of reassuring

now according to Max jum tweet the latest launch date for OnePlus open could be October 19th but there’s no confirmation from the brand yet though however


let’s talk about that pricing the Samsung Galaxy zold 5 is priced at 1 15499 about 1 155,000 so I’m guessing the OnePlus open could be slightly lower maybe around the same price I don’t know I mean what do you guys think let me know in the comments below there are some leaks and rumors during the rounds but I don’t know I mean if those are true so pricing is something that we have to wait and watch but I’m guessing that with all of these specs all of this Hardware it will be very difficult to price it very low all right this is all that we know about the OnePlus open till now I mean these are the leaks and the rumors.

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