Lava Blaze 2 5G- Made In India 5G Phone under 10000

Lava Blaze 2 5G
Okay, here’s a very interesting data about Indian smartphone market. People are buying expensive smartphones, but at the same time, demand for budget 5G phones are all time high. This makes sense because 5G launched last year, and the 5G coverage in India has been way, way better than anywhere in the world. But the ...
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Wings Nuvobook- The cheapest i7 laptop for students

cheapest i7 laptop for students
Okay, so see here we are browsing on Flipkart and we saw this i7 laptop for around 41,000. Like what? And it’s a new company called Wings , they launced their Wings Nuvobook series. They usually make TWS, but they are now entering the laptop market. So we test it out. Like their base varient ...
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Top 6 Best Upcoming Phones in November 2023

6 Best Upcoming Phones
October this year was really the best  that we’ve had till now. Excellent set of phones that have launched. I was actually expecting November to be slightly easy on us, but that’s not really the case. Because most importantly, really soon, SnapDragon 8 Gen 3 is going to be launched, and I’m actually going to ...
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which is Best Normal phone vs Folding phone In India?

Normal phone vs Folding phone
Okay, so whenever we cover a folding phones, there is always this huge question should I buy S23 or should I buy ZFlip Five? , Should I buy S 23 Ultra or Z Fold Five? Should I buy this, should I buy that? You get the point. A foldable in India is considered as the Ultra ...
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Pixel 8 Pro vs iPhone 15 Pro Max Camera Test & Performance Review

Pixel 8 Pro vs iPhone 15 Pro Max Camera Test
this is the pixel 8 Pro and I’m not going to waste any time introducing the phone because I really want to get down to business I want to address the two main concerns that you folks might have how’s the new Tensor G3 chip on the phone does it throttle does it heat up ...
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Oneplus Open-The Best Phone of 2023 is Coming Soon

oneplus open
so the OnePlus open oneplus’s first foldable phone is right around the corner and it’s worth getting excited about because OnePlus has had a great 2023 thus far the OnePlus 11 was good the OnePlus 11R, the Oneplus nord CE3 the Oneplus Nord 3 all of these were actually good phones and if there’s one ...
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Best Thin & Light evo Laptops Under Rs 60,000 in Flipkart’s The Big Billion Days Deals

Best Thin & Light evo certified Laptops Under Rs 60,000
if you’re a student or a working professional the experience of using a thin and light laptop is unparalleled I should know I cannot live without one these laptops are definitely easy to carry around but they have enough and more grunt for everyday tasks whether you’re writing documents for basic video editing for photo ...
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10 Best ANC Earbuds & Headphones Deals

The Amazon great Indian festival is right around the corner and there are great deals on earbuds, smartphones and laptops for sure but there are also great deals on active noise cancellation headphones and I’ve picked out some aweosme awesome discounts for you so I picked 10 such products and I’ve ensured that they’re from ...
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Which iPhone to Buy At this Amazon Great Indian Festival 2023 Sale?

Which iPhone to Buy At This Sale?
Now the biggest confusion in the country is which iPhone to buy in this sale because iPhone 12 will go on sale on flipkart for 32999 but iPhone 12 based variant is 64 GB so if you want a higher 128 GB iPhone 12 it will cost roughly around 35999 but then iPhone 13 is ...
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Best Phone Under 20,000 in India

best phone under 20000
All right, so this is going to be an interesting blog with really unexpected results because if you have to pick the best phone or mid-range phone of 2023, then these three phones can easily be the top three. I’m talking about the Motorola G84, the iQo Z7 Pro, and the Infinix Zero 30 5G. ...
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