Top 5 Best Phones Under Rs 25,000

Considering the crazy number of launches under Rs 25,000 in the recent past, that list of best phones under 25,000 needed an immediate update. That’s exactly what we are going to be doing in this video.

Phones Under Rs 25,000

I’ve picked out top five of my favorite phones under Rs 25,000 in ascending order of importance…

5.Infinix Zero 30 5G

Infinix Zero 30 5G

Let’s start off with the fifth phone in my list, the Infinix Zero 30 5G. Infinity came out of nowhere and gave a banger of a phone with this device. Best part is it’s got a curved Amelie display with 144 Hertz refresh rate. But more importantly, you’ve got Corning gorila Glass 5 protection on the front as well.

Infinix Zero 30 5G

Infinix Zero 30 5G

The Dimestiy 8020 chip inside the phone is a good performer. It’s almost as powerful as the Dimestiy 7200.

But along with that, the most important thing is the base storage variant itself is 256 GB and this is UFS 3.1 storage.The storage speeds are very fast too.

The basics like the 5,000 Mah battery, fast-charging at 68 watt, all of that is taken care of.

The camera performance is not too bad either, especially considering that you can actually record videos at 4K60FPS using the front camera as well. That is a purpose that a lot of folks are looking for in this price category. Now, it’s not like the phone doesn’t have its set of flaws. The software experience on the Infinix Zero 30 5G is not too bad. There’s actually no bloatware, but Infinix promises only one year of software update, which is too low. The camera performance in low light is not that great. We tested it with other phones in this price class, and those were generally better. Now, who should consider the Zero 30 5G? Anybody who wants a great set of features at a good affordable price tag? But more importantly for the bloggers out there, it could be a good option to consider considering the 4k60FPS recording option.

4/3.Vivo T2 Pro and the IQOO Z7 Pro

Vivo T2 Pro and the IQOO Z7 Pro

Now, the next two phones in my list are the Vivo T2 Pro and the ICOO Z7 Pro in the fourth and the third spot. These are very similar phones, but with different set of priorities.For example, the IQOO has its gaming DNA going on, so it’s got motion controls and all of that, but Vivo is more focused towards camera.

But talking about these phones, you’ve got the same 6.78-curved amlet panel, very bright panel, 120 Hertz refresh rate. It looks very good. Both these phones have the Dimensity 7200 chip, and we all know that it’s a very powerful chip.

The only problem is that it’s UFS 2.2 storage. It should have been UFS 3.1, which is available on the Infinity 0.30.

Now, these phones also come with the 4,600-image battery inside and 66-watt fast-charging support as well.

But more importantly, what I like about the Vivo T2 Pro is the camera performance, despite the fact that you do not get ultra wide on both the phones, but the quality of the camera is very good, especially the primary camera, the pictures that you get, the skin tones, the low light performance, all of that is very good. The selfies are also very good. It’s the Vivo algorithm that comes into play out here. It’s not like the IQOO is not as good, but Vivo is slightly better. On both the phones, you can expect two years of software updates and three years of security updates as well.
You can pick either one, depending on whichever phone, whichever you prefer, either it’s Vivo or IQOO. But if you’re confused, then if you’re a gamer, go for the IQOO. If you’re somebody who’s a camera enthusiast, go for the Vivo.

2.Realme GT Neo 3

Realme GT neo 3

Now, the next phone on my list is something that is slightly older, but it’s still available for under 25,000. For that price, it’s actually a very good deal, and it’s the Realme GT Neo 3. Now, the thing about the Realme GT Neo 3 and why you should consider it primarily because you’ve got the MediaTek Dimestiy 8100 chip inside. This is a proper flagship-grade chip, and it’s very, very powerful. Especially if you’re a gamer, you can play BGMI and Call of Duty at such good high graphics and very good frame rates as well without the phone throttling too much. This is worth considering for somebody who is a performance enthusiast.

The display is also 6.7 full HD plus Amoled display with Corning gorila Glass 5 protection as well. This is a rarity in this price class.

You’ve got your standard 50 MP plus 8 MP plus 2 MP camera setup and a 16 MP selfie camera on the front. Considering you’ve also got a stereo speaker setup, the multimedia experience along with the good display is pretty good. T

alking about performance, you also got LPDDR5 RAM UFS 3.1 storage. When you combine that with the Dimensity 8100 chip, it’s proper flagship grade performance that you can expect from it. Under 25,000, this is one of the best performing phones for sure. Now, the problems include there is definitely a lot of bloatware that you will have to remove. There’s only one software update left on this phone. It came with Android 12, so only one will be left. Android 13 and Android 14 was promised, so only Android 14 will be available for it. Apart from that, and more importantly as well, the camera performance is very okay-ish. It’s not as good as the Vivo or the IQOO.

1.Motorola Edge 40 Neo

Motorola Edge 40 Neo

All right, now coming to my favorite phone in this list, the Motorola Edge 40 Neo. It’s not even touching 25,000 Rs. Now, this phone is about 21,000 rupes and it’s a banger.

But what Motrola has managed to do with this phone is create a package that is very attractive. Yes, it doesn’t have the best system on chip. It has a dimensity 7030, which is good enough for this price class, but it has stereo speakers, IP68 rating, fast-charging a proper 5,000 mah battery, though works.

The camera setup includes a 50 MP primary, 13 MP ultra wide, which also doubles up as a macro camera, and a 32 MP selfie camera, using which you can actually shoot 4K videos using the front camera, which is again a rarity in this price class. Now, IP68, I mentioned that as a throwaway thing, but that is the most important thing on this phone. In fact, it’s so good that quite a few people that I know are considering the Edge 40 Neo over the Motorola Edge 40, which is more expensive. Of course, you’ve got Motorola promise of Android 13 with two years of software updates, three years of security updates, and it’s clean. It doesn’t have any bloatware whatsoever. It’s great, honestly. The stereo speaker sounds really good along with Dolby, Atmos as well. But there are a couple of points that might be minor niggles for some.

If you’re somebody who’s looking for performance, especially this is not the phone for you because obviously it doesn’t perform as well as the realme GT Neo 3, but it is at least more affordable than the realme GT Neo 3, which is definitely something that a lot of people will be looking for. Hopefully, Motorola doesn’t delay the updates. That is something that has been a problem for a lot of Motorola customers, and they’ve been talking about it. Hopefully, that’s fixed.

Flipkart Big Billion Days and Amazon Great Indian Festival

These were my list of the best phones that you can buy right now. But trust me, things will change really soon because there are the Diwali sales coming. There will be the Flipkart Big Billion Days, and Amazon Great Indian Festival. At that time, you’ll see discounts on certain phones that will be very, very exciting for you.

For example, the Nothing Phone 1 is apparently going to be priced under Rs 25,000, and for that price, that phone is a really, really good device, especially considering with the updates, it’s become better over the time. It also looks so unique and different that you will definitely stand out if you buy that phone.

Another phone, especially for the camera algorithm and performance that you get, the pixel 6A could be something that you consider.But I find it very difficult to recommend the Google pixel 6A, primarily because of the fact that it’s generally otherwise not a great phone to use. During the deal time, we will make a separate blog of all the best deals.

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