Which iPhone to Buy At this Amazon Great Indian Festival 2023 Sale?

Now the biggest confusion in the country is which iPhone to buy in this sale because iPhone 12 will go on sale on flipkart for 32999 but iPhone 12 based variant is 64 GB so if you want a higher 128 GB iPhone 12 it will cost roughly around 35999 but then iPhone 13 is available for 39999 on Amazon what yes and then you have the shiny new iPhone 15 which in my opinion is the biggest upgrade to the base iPhone in 2 to 3 years and like we said in our previous iPhone. iPhones in India are confusing but that’s where Tech Wibes comes if you want to buy an iPhone in this sale here’s a crystal clear article on which iPhone to buy which iPhone is best for whom and small secrets about the iPhone which sale discounts won’t tell you now we’ll start with the iPhone that anyone shouldn’t buy we’ll be putting these iPhones in teer so you get ultimate

Not to buy Iphone

iphone 11

Clarity from the iPhone to not buy to okay deals to bestest iPhone ever see iPhone 11 is currently available on flipkart for 36999 it will go down to about 30,000 or less during sale same is the case with iPhone 12 mini don’t buy the iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 mini.

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 is not even a 5G phone plus you get a 720p LCD display which by 2023 standard is pretty low like if you place it beside a 20,000 Android phone display the age of the iPhone 11 display shows reason two iPhone 11 will only receive updates for 2 to 3 years maximum but these iOS updates won’t have the latest and greatest feature like iOS 17 gives you the feature where Siri predicts words while you’re typing and you can hit space bar to autofill now this feature is not available on iPhone 11 it is only available on iPhone 12 and above and I’m not saying all new iOS features won’t come on the iPhone 11 like that tap to share contacts works on iPhone 11 but the point here is if you buy iPhone 11 now the next 2 years of updates won’t bring the best features for you so not a good decision.

iPhone 11
Iphone 12 mini

Coming to to the iPhone 12 mini well Apple has already killed the miniseries due to low sales and I believe the battery life on iPhone 12 mini is really bad so please avoid it if you are a fan of the miniseries and you need a mini iPhone iPhone 13 mini will also be on discount you can get that instead that has a better battery life.

iPhone se 3

Also iPhone se3 will be on discount now this in my opinion is the worst iPhone release of all time this iPhone se3 launched for $ 4399 the design display everything on the se3 is inspired by the iPhone 8 so unless you are into ancient Collectibles at any price don’t get the iPhone se3 it’s a brotherly advice don’t buy it so I’ll put the iPhone 11 iPhone 12 mini and iPhone se3 directly to the you know it I know it tier don’t buy any of those.

iPhone 12

Next up the next most touted iPhone is iPhone 12 some good things for the iPhone 12 is it’s a 5G phone so 5G works on the iPhone 12 on Indian Sim it gets an OLED display even the cameras on iPhone 12 are not bad for 2023 standards you don’t get cinematic video on iPhone 12 that’s only starting iPhone 13 also iPhone 12 is Max saave compatible so you can charge it or use those cool Max saave accessories but the main concern with iPhone 12 is storage space you get 64GB base variant which is too less for 2023 standards now you can upgrade and get the 128 GB variant but it will cost you about 36 37,000 which is almost same as the price of the iPhone 13 now if you’re thinking it’s fine pratique I’ll manage by buying iCloud storage with the 64GB variant see the base 50gb iCloud starts at 75 rupes which is too less so you’ll naturally get 200 GB iCloud  storage which costs about 200 rupes so if you add that cost up for the next 2 years it gets to about 5,000 rupees that again will get you an iPhone 13 so only and only if you want an iPhone and cannot extend the budget get the iPhone 12 around 30,000 I’ll put iPhone 12 in does the job.

iPhone 13
iPhone 13

Next up we have iPhone 13 and I would say this is the default iPhone for most people even better than iPhone 14 iPhone 13 will be available for 399 on Amazon now this is including Bank offer and exchange bonuses so basically if you have a phone to  exchange Amazon will give you 3,500 extra on top of the Phone Exchange price use it if you have an old phone now both iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 have the same a15 bionic processor iPhone 13 starts at 128 GB based variant which is good for 2023 standards you can even do cinematic video on the iPhone 13 but only in 1080P Also the battery life on the iPhone 13 is far far better than iPhone 12 even in terms of software updates iPhone 13 will get about 4 to 5 years of software update which is very good the only thing is the photos on the iPhone 13 aren’t that great by 2023 standards like at times it blows the sky overall photos are decent for the price so keep your photo expectations like slightly low. Other are good on the iPhone 13 so overall it makes the Iphone 13 a very good buy for most people and I’ll put it in the very solid tier.

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iPhone 14

iPhone 14

I said most people because flipkart is teasing iPhone 14 sale and mostly flipkart will bring the iPhone 14 around 50,000 and in that case only Iphone 14 is a very good option you get 4k cinematic video slightly better main camera and slightly better selfie camera also last year there were very few iPhone units available under 50,000 on flip cart a lot of people didn’t get their iPhone delivered even after booking it so I’m expecting the same case with iPhone 14 this year also on Flipkart so if you can get it at 50,000 get it so iPhone 14 only at 50,000 goes to very solid tier but yes only at 50,000 don’t pay 55000 or 60 000 for the iPhone 14.

iPhone 15

Last but not the least iPhone 15 I’ll put the iPhone 15 in the goat tier and this iPhone 15 might or might not be in sale you’ll get some card offers and all of that but this iPhone 15 is the iPhone we at Tech Wibes will recommend to most people first of all you get type-c this year on iPhone so from charger to mic everything works with the new iPhone 15 in fact you can even connect a TV or monitor with iPhone 15 and play games on the bigger screen it’s super fun.

Also these are the photos of iPhone 15 versus iPhone 13 versus iPhone 12 camera on the iPhone 15 is the biggest upgrade after a long time the skin tone sharpness HDR everything is visibly better it also has this Auto portrait mode so basically any human photos that you take you can later convert it into a portrait photo and the biggest thing which is important if you buy an iPhone is the dynamic eyline from the front the iPhone 14 pro iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 looks exactly the same now of course the refresh rate of iPhone 15 is still 60 HZ you don’t even get a telephoto camera again for an iPhone it’s the bang on iPhone you can buy this year straight up good tier now apart from these iPhones you’ll also get iPhone 14 plus iPhone 14 pro there could be a good deal on.

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