Wings Nuvobook- The cheapest i7 laptop for students

Okay, so see here we are browsing on Flipkart and we saw this i7 laptop for around 41,000. Like what? And it’s a new company called Wings , they launced their Wings Nuvobook series. They usually make TWS, but they are now entering the laptop market. So we test it out. Like their base varient starts from Rs24990 and goes all the way up to Rs41990. This one has i7 processor. 16GB Ram 512GB SSD. So the question that has to be asked is how are they giving an I Seven laptop at this price? Like, what’s the catch here? Well, we are just as curious as you are, so let’s go.



Now, the laptop unboxing is pretty straightforward. For most laptops, you get the laptop and a charger. And though we have all the laptops, we’ll mostly be talking about the top variant here. Now, the first thing that you would notice with the laptop is the design. Okay? So the laptop is made up of metal and you get this cool looking logo. This is the logo of the brand Wings. Now, I would say the design is very boxy in nature. The edges are quite sharp. At the bottom you have airvents and the speakers, the laptop is very thin and lightweight.

Air Ventilation

Also see here you get additional air vents on the back. Plus you get most of the necessary ports with this laptop.



On the right you have Kensington lock, two USB, A ports, headphone jack and a micro SD card slot.

Left side ports

On the left you have a DC port for charging HDMI, another USB, a port, two TypeC port and a camera cutoff button here.

Camera cut off button

Hang on, let’s test this out. So I go into camera app. See, the webcam is active. Now if I just hit the switch, no more webcam. Now, we’ll get to the webcam quality in just a moment. Only that I personally didn’t like this blue color. It sort of looks tacky to me, but it’s just personal opinion, you might like it.

Vibrany colours

And these other colors are also pretty vibrant. Like usually you don’t see red or mint color laptop.Like it looks red. So overall, from a design and connectivity perspective, I would say for the price, the laptop is adequate.

Keyboard and trackpad


Moving on, you get a ten keyless keyboard here, meaning there is only this QWERTY pad layout without the number pad. But the typing experience I would say is decent. Like the sound, the key travel is adequate and there is minimum deck flex.And it’s good to see that the laptop at this price also have a backlit keyboard. It’s very useful at night time. Plus, if you’re using it on your lap, there is no screen wobble or anything.


Same for the trackpad, I would say the size is decent and it supports all the Windows gesture. Like,if I swipe left with three fingers it shows me the open tabs and if I swipe left with four fingers it switches to another desktop.

Performance of this i7 laptop

Anyways, the performance here is good too like there is no lag or anything as such. Which brings me to the performance and this is pretty interesting. So you get a 16GB DDR4 Ram along with 512GB SSD.

i7 laptop

But when it comes to the CPU, things get pretty interesting because see this one here is an Intel i7 1165G7 processor for those of you who don’t know, this is a 11th gen Intel i7 CPU and this came out back in 2021.

That’s how you can manage to get an i7 laptop at 40,000. Now of course, normal day to day performance like watching video, typing documents, all of them run really smooth plus it has integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics, you can even do photo editing on it. But since it is an old CPU, it doesn’t have the newer features of intel like the P cores and E cores. So the battery life is kind of average.

geekbench score

We ran Cinebench on this and it scored around this much.

Gaming Experience

Gaming Experience
Gaming Experience

Now for a i7 laptop at 40,000, this core is outstanding. Also we did try playing few games on it, casual games like GTA Five which are CPU heavy. So we are playing the new counterstrike two and we had to drop down the settings to low and we were able to get somewhere around 55-60 FPS. So playable frame rate like for story mode, the FPS is nice. Like you’re getting an average FPS of around 50. The gameplay feels good at default settings.

Battery and charging

Coming to the battery life from what we have used, it has a decent battery life also you get a 65 watt fast charger in the box. But since this is an old CPU, I didn’t have high hopes either. The good thing though here is you have two TypeC ports and one of the Type C ports supports charging. Some brands don’t even give charging in TypeC port at 60k- 70k.



Now, this is the i7 laptop variant, which has a 14 inch screen, full HD, IPS display. But the other variants have a bigger 15.6 inch screen, which is also IPS, LCD, full HD and for the price, I would say the display quality is good.

Video experience

Like see I’ll play the trailer of animal, the color Sharpness, Ranbir Kapoor, they all look pretty good. Also the viewing angles are good like see if I tilt the display there’s no color shift or anything also the laptop can extend to 180 degrees so you can easily put it on a laptop stand and work you get 300 nits of brightness. Now if you compare that number to a smartphone, it might sound less but for a bigger screen like this laptop, 300 nits is a good amount.Also since this is an antiglare display, see if I have a strong light behind me, it won’t reflect on the screen.

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Sound Experience

The only thing about the laptop here would be the audio quality. Like in general, Windows laptop have Mayor sound, but this one was kind of below average, like there’s no bass or anything and it isn’t even that loud. So while watching videos and movies, I would recommend you use Headphones.


Also you get a 720p webcam and here’s how the video quality is, and I would say it’s possible for video calls. So, yeah, that was our first impression of the Nuvobook series from an Indian brand, Wings. Now, one really important thing for any laptop is the after sale service support and local repair situation.

Service center

Now, Wings does claim that they have 350 plus service center in India and they also provide door to door service, but we haven’t personally tested it out, so we cannot vouch for that. And this will only be clear with time. This needs to be seen in the long term, which is the case for any new company in any new field.

Two benefits of using old CPU

Now, Wings did a clever move here by using older 11th gen CPUs. This has two benefits.

Number one

you get decent performance for normal tasks, like if you’re a student and want a laptop for study purpose or even to watch videos and all of that media stuff, it is fine for that price.

Number two

number 2 benefit is of course the price. Because of older CPU, the brand can sell these laptops at budget price.

Price of Wings Nuvobook

Wings Nuvobook S1

Like the S1 variant here has i3 processor and starts at Rs 24999/-.

Wings Nuvobook S2

. And then you also have the Nuvobook S2, which is just a 512 GB variant of the I three series and it starts around Rs 31999/- . And at that price you either get a Chromebook, a secondhand laptop or an Android tablet. But here you’re getting full Windows experience, which is far better than the Jiobook, so that’s a good thing.

Wings Nuvobook V1

Now, the Nuvobook V1 i5 variant starts at Rs 33990 .

Wings Nuvobook Pro

The i7 laptop cost 41990 Rs/-. So if you need more performance, you can look into this i7 laptop.

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